Hogen Ginzburg Judelewicz & co

Hogen, Ginzburg, Judelewicz & Co. – Certified Public Accountants has a track record of over 14 years in auditing accounts and financial statements, conducting internal audits, including financial and operating audits, investigative audits, financial studies and cost accounting for government ministries, public and private organizations on a wide range of subjects and fields. We adhere to high standards of professionalism to our client's full satisfaction.The firm is deployed countrywide and has a seasoned and skilled staff with experience in conducting accounting audits and audits of financial statements, internal audits, financial and operating audits, including investigative auditing in diverse fields, including general and accounting fields, information systems, etc.

Hogen, Ginzburg, Judelewicz & Co. – Certified Public Accountants has been in practice for the past 19 years.The firm is affiliated with a consulting firm specializing in information and administration systems and in the provision of a full range of internal auditing services.The firm is approved for Quality Management System (QMS) 2000:ISO 9001 by the Institute of Quality Control (IQC) since August 1997 and by the Israel Institute of Standards up to and including December 2003 according to the previous version.

Forming the backbone of the firm are senior professionals with extensive experience in all fields of auditing, including internal audits, corporate audits, financial and operating audits, investigative audits, information systems audits, etc. as well as the implementation and assimilation of work procedures and information systems in organizations and companies.The firm's employees are university graduates, most of whom hold academic degrees in information systems, industrial engineering and management, business administration, law, economics and accounting.The firm employs a staff of 40 employees and consultants, including 16 accountants holding a valid license to practice accounting in Israel.In addition, a wide reserve of employees and consultants in various fields are employed by the firm for specific tasks, both short and long-term.

Hogen, Ginzburg, Judelewicz & Co. – Certified Public Accountants have offices and representative offices in Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and Eilat with main offices in Tel-Aviv. Our employees also have mobility and availability.